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carly/freddie from iCarly

Hello, this is creddie_love, a community for fans of Carly/Freddie from iCarly!

Here are the main rules:

♥ Membership is open, so please join, but please post and comment too.

♥ Please tag your posts correctly. There are tags for you to use. If you need a tag, please ask in your post.

♥ Please use LJ cuts! When posting more than two screencaps or images, please post a smaller version of one image before the cut and the rest after it. If you do not know how to work an LJ cut, please take a look at this FAQ.

♥ Abusive/unacceptable behaviour towards/about other members/actors/characters/etc will not be tolerated and is not cool, at all. Members partaking in such activities will recieve a warning, and if it continues they will be asked to leave.

♥ If your post does not follow one of the rules (e.g. you did not use a cut) a mod will comment on the post, asking you to fix it. Please help us out and fix your post!

♥ Feel free to post graphics (such as icons), fanfiction, picspams, discussion posts...anything Creddie related! With discussion posts, squabbling and criticising of people's opinions is not welcome, but overthinking, long comments and flailing certainly is.

♥ If you have any questions or problems, please PM one of the mods - fbnk_luv or sockstar1.

♥ Have fun, make new friends, and enjoy. :)

thank you!

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